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Ten  Advantages 

1、Environmental Protection
SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material used by raw materials which is  100% free of harmful substances to the human body, and is the non-radioactive product of Class A, in line with national standard G/T169-2005.

Under high temperature of 1000 ℃, SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material of fireproofing limit is over 4 hour, and does not emit toxic gas, non-ignitable performance up to the national standard of Class A.

3、Increase the usage area
The 75mm thickness SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material can be used to replace the traditional 120mm thickness brick wall, which is 85mm thinner than brick wall with plaster,each extend 11.8mm,raise 1㎡of the use area.

4、Anti-seismic,Good integrity
Because of fabricated construction,themselves of three-in-one structure,between board and board is linked into a whole,so the shock resistance is 1.5 times than normal brick walls,using anchoring steel structure method,wall have high strength,can use for high layer,large space of interval wall.The overall anti-seismic function is many times better than normal brick walls.The tight structure of SanJiaoZhou partition board is good integral and non-deformation,the wall is not easy to loose and good anti-seismic capacity.

5、Damp proof, Water proof
Experiments showed that walling without any any waterproof finished, use cement bonded body filled with water in the pool,the back wall can keep dry, leave no trance, cannot appear condensed beads in the wet weather. It is a good waterproof and damp proof wallboard, apply to kitchen, bathrooms, basements and the other wet area.

6、Sound Insulation
SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall surface of the fiber cement and its internal composition of the cement material have a good sound insulation. The 90mm thickness of noise volume is 43dB,it’s sound insulation accord with national standards, which higher than brick wall.

7、Simple contraction,Efficient,Fast
SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material is completely dry operation and fabricated construction, the wall boards can be cut to adjust the width and length.The transportation and stack are clean and simple. Without mortar plastering, greatly shortened the construction period, and reduce the material wastage and construction rubbish.

8、Heat insulation,Heat preservation
SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material is made of natural vermiculite, high-purity quartz power,inorganic fibers and plant fibers compressed with high temperature and high pressure steam,which decides to have good thermal insulation and good heat insulation,making your indoor environment is more comfortable. SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material can automatically adjust the content of moisture in indoor air with seasons,make to keep an internal balance,achieve ecological regulation effect,in line with the trend of modern residential building development. 

9、Walls can be nailed
SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material can be nailed directly or blot hanging heavy object, such as air conditioners and so on. The single –point hanging strength is over 45kg.In addition, the wall panel with a flat and smooth surface does not engender dust, which can plaster tile,wallpaper,wood trim,etc.

10、Lightweight, Economy
SanJiaoZhou light and energy-saving wall material of the 75mm thickness weight is equal to 1/7 weight of the 120mm thickness normal brickwork, So it reduces construction cost and increase the usable area.Construction is sample and convenient,cost of building is also much cheaper.